Our Facility

Julmyra Horse Center is mainly a training facility for trotters, but we also got a good facility for riding horses.  Rönningens kör och ridklubb, are in charge of the daily riding activities

Some of the bigger investments that’s been done lately is an improved water drainage system. By building pounds and putting down pipes under the tracks we lead the rain water of the tracks in a much better way. We have also put up 6 miles of new paddocks at some of the facility.
The latest investment done her at Julmyra is a new white stable with 28 boxes 14 paddocks and a horse walker, it was ready to move in to in October 2019. 

 Owner of Julmyra Horse Center

Gelba fastigheter 5 AB are Julmyra Horse Centers AB main owner with 91%, the previous main owner PGF egendom A/S (Geir Pedersen) still owns 4,5%. And Domarbo skog AB och Peter Eriksson owns  2,25% each.
New water dainage 2017.
New stable built 2019

6 miles of new paddocks 2017.
Walker for 6 horses 
one of the new stables built 2013.
Part with 7 boxes and one tackroom