Environmental projects

It´s a great honour to receive this award for the work we do here at our facility to redoes our impact on the environment.
It is also extremely rewarding that we often are highlighted as a good example both in media and of the agriculture university of Sweden (SLU). Click here to read the whole motivation to the reaward.

Winner of the Lövsta environment reward 2020


Julmyra Horse Center is located in a sensitive area. We therefore hold our environmental performance to high standards.
Together with the municipality of Heby we take part in LIFE IP Rich Waters, ​​​​​​​a multi-year EU-project to improve the water quality in the Northern Baltic Sea Basin District. Within the framework of this project we have made several improvements to our facilities, with the aim to reduce nutrient leakage. We are now at the forefront in terms of manure management. The measures do not only benefit the environment. Improved drainage and dams to retain phosphorus have made the day-to-day management of our paddocks and tracks easier.
The methods and approaches used will be further studied and evaluated, with assistance from the County Administrative Board and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The LIFE IP Rich Waters-project runs from 2017 until 2024.

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