Farms at JHC

 The White Farm

The white farm has the newest Stable here in Julmyra Horse Center it was completed in the fall of 2019. This stable has 28 boxes split in 4 parts with 7 boxes and one tack room in each. ´´14 paddocks belong to the farm and one 6 horses walker. The stable also includes Laundry room, feed room, lunch and lockeroom for the staff,
The house that belongs to the farm was built already in 2008 and is a 220  squer meters Villa with 6 bedrooms and 3 baths, 1 outdoor pool and a fireplace.

The Grey farm

The Grey farm, stable have 24 indoor boxes and 6 outdoor boxes the 30 boxes its plenty of paddocks in different sizes. The boxes inside are split up in two different aisles one with 14 boxes and one with 10 boxes. In between the two aisles it’s a service area with 2 wash stalls, feed room, tack rooms, blacksmith shop and coffee room.
To this farm it’s awg,lso a nice villa of 190 square meters with big Windows from floor to ceiling with a beautiful view out over the training facility.

The Red Farm

The red farm, this is our smallest farm with only room for 10-12 horses. It got nice new renovated outdoor stalls with good paddocks in different sizes. It includes a heated room for shoeing and harnessing, wash stall and one tack room.
The house is a 3-bedroom villa where part of it can be used as an office or lunch room for the employees.

The yellow Farm

​​​​​​​The yellow stable has 20 boxes split in two sections, two outdoor boxes and one turnout paddock with a shed for up to 4-5 horses and plenty of paddocks. The stable has a good serves aria with 2 wash stalls, 4 tack rooms, feed room, laundry facility, coffee room and looker room for the staff.
To this farm it`s also a 150 square meter villa with 4 bed rooms, fireplace and a big porch with a view over our hole farm.
We at Jullmyra horse center took over this farm from former owner the 1th of September 2018 we have sense then renovated some of the facility and put up 2,6 km of new paddocks.