Julmyra Horse Center are often highlighted in media 

In Swedish media Julmyra are often shown as an example in how to develop and how to reduce the nutrients out in the nature from a horse farm.
This year we are extremely proud to have resaved the reward “LÖVSTA Future Challenge Hållbarhetspris 2020” due to the improvements we do at the farm. Read more here
But how ever is the best publicity we can get, the amazing results the trainers here at Julmyra presents year after year. So far in 2020 5 out of 9 trainers past 1 million in stable earnings, they have been capturing several V75 and V86 victories. During the weekend of the Elitlopp 2020, 21 Julmyra horses raced, which is an amazing achievement.
If we should mention one special horse that very rightfully have been highlighted a little bit more in media. It would be Katja Melkkos Elian Web, the winner of Paralympiatravet and Suur-Hollola 2020.
Julmyra is also seen on tracks and in media outside Sweden, this last winter Dennis Palmqvist took his Minnestads El Paso to race in France which resulted in many good achievements among many one win together with “mademoiselle” Rebecca Dahlén, as she where called in French media.   
Due to good publicity both in and outside the country we every now and then get to honer to have gusts here at Julmyra from many differnt trotting nations.
The most honourable gust we hade so far here at Julmyra is the great Bold Eagle that stayed here during the Elitlopp of 2017.

 Both owner Pierre Pilarsky and trainer Sebastian Guarato came out to Julmyra and were both very pleased with the Facility and have later referred to Julmyra as a great place too train trotters in wonderful surroundings.
Bold Eagle in his paddock at Julmyra during his visit in Sweden for the Elitlopp 2017.
Katja Melkkos Elian Web winner of Paralympiatravet och Suur-Hollola 2020
Dennis Palmqvists Minnestads El Paso vinner i franska Marseille ihop Rebecca Dahlén