Björn Röcklinger

Björn Röcklinger is the trainer that been at Julmyra horse Center the longest of our trainers with over 14 years here. Björn have during this time always kept a good high quality of his stable, with good results and many millions in to his owners every year. He been taking many V75 victory’s and victory’s in big races like Scarlet knights lopp och Guldstoet
Phone: 070-710 8153
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Phone: +358 40 520 3721
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Katja Melkko

Katja Melkko is from Finland and she been around horses her whole life, she started out like so many other girls with riding horses.
When her family moved out to the country, she first got in contact with a trotter. The trotter Katja started to ride was a sister to a derby winner and after a few years they decided to take a foal by her. That foal was named Peggy Lady and was Katja first own real trotter, Peggy lady maid almost 1 million Swedish crowns.
Katja have built up her stable very carefully together with her sambo Janne Soronen. She trains about 30 horses today where the majority is young horses, and she reached several big accomplishments.
She raced the Elitlopp 2017  and 2020 with Elian web and she win the Criterium for Cold bloods in 2017 with Vixus. 
Her biggest victory so far according to herself is the Derby victory with Elian web in 2016, Katja was the first Female trainer to ever win the Derby and of course it got a little extra special due to that her sambo Janne Soronen drove Elian Web to the Derby victory.
Katja started up her filial here at Julmyra in December 2018 with 4 horses and now the number of horses increased to 40 horses. So far in 2020 she has made over 5 million SEK got a winning percent of 20%. Elian Web win both The Paralympiatravet and Suur-Hollola 2020. This year she also became the first trainer ever to race in both the Elitlopp and the Elitkamp with Elian Web and Vixus. 
Photo: Adam Ström

Jasmine: +46(0)72 700 20 55 
Patrik: +46(0)70 393 42 76 
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Jasmine Ising

Jasmine Ising grow up with horses, first riding horses and at the age of 12 she got her first contact with a trotter.
During her years in the gymnasium she worked extra at Västerbo Stuteri and after her graduation she started her employment at Jörgen westholms stable. Jasmine worked 7 years for Westholm and looked after horses like Odin Tabac, Ninepoints Lucy and She Loves you F.I.
Jasmine has also been driving over 300 races some of her biggest victory’s is a win in one elimination of “The Diamantsto” and she was also the first female driver ever to win a race at V86.
Jasmin got a great team with her in her Sambo Patrik Fernlund and their two employees Malin Widing and Stefan Wegerer.
Patrik has a good resume as an amateur driver and has been the armature driver of the year at Solvalla for 2 years in a row.
The couple have together got a very prestigious task to be private trainers for Philip Konsulting HB horses. Most of the horses are 2 year olds that the couple carefully selected at the yearling sales together with owner Leif  Bengtsson.
Jasmine is extra happy to have the 2-year old colt Hafner AM in her stable, he is by Muscle Hill and out of her absolute favourite horse of all times She Loves you F.I
The couple like the stable to be in harmony to develop and reach their futures goals to compete in high competition and participate in some of the bigger finals.

Petter Lundberg

Petter Lundberg is from the northern part of Sweden Boden, he moved south and to the Stockholm aria in 2018, he came to Julmyra in October 2019. Petter has during the last couple of years created a solid stable with about 20 horses, and an average of 1 million crowns in stable earnings each year to the owners and several V75 victories. 

Phone: Petter Lundberg +46 (0)70 513 8003
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Reijo Liljendahl

Reijo Liljendahl came Julmyra Horse Center as a new professional trainer in April 2013, he started out with renting a small stable. But the success was soon a fact and in September 2013 a brand new stable was built and ready to move in to, and in 2014 a second Stable.
Long distance E3, Ulf Thoresens memorial, Breeders Crown and European championship is just a few of many big races he been winning under this time, on top of this a number of V75 and V86 wins. So far his most successful year has been 2016 when his hoses made over 18 million. 

​​​​​​​Phone: 070-655 6055
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Follow him on  twitter @StallReijoLiljendahl